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Wooden door logistics and transportation problems

Wooden doors are custom-made bulky commodities that are not suitable for express or air transportation. They are usually transported by automobile logistics. In the process of transportation, it is also easy to be crushed, and has the characteristics of being fragile, inseparable, and flat. External factors such as movement or uneven force may cause damage or rupture of the wooden door. The company caused a lot of inconvenience. Usually, the practitioners in the logistics industry do not know much about wood products, and they cannot carry out professional loading, unloading and transportation according to the characteristics of wood products. Therefore, the wooden door products are often damaged and broken during the transportation process.

When the wooden door is damaged and cracked, how to solve the after-sales repair problem is a problem that many wooden door manufacturers have to face. For the damage of wooden doors during transportation, loading and unloading, manufacturers can optimize and improve the packaging of wooden door products. For example, they can strengthen the packaging of door leaf, door cover, and door cover line, and fix the surrounding of the door leaf and the edge of the door cover to prevent Wear from shaking. Before leaving the factory, the surface of the wooden door is protected with a protective film, and the four corners of each door are wrapped with cardboard, preferably with thickened foam board and pearl cotton for multiple packaging, and transported in a special export standard carton or container.

Wooden door products have a flat appearance. In order to reduce the force and extrusion during transportation, it is usually necessary to use a vertical arrangement. When loading and unloading, no throwing occurs. When touching the ground, it is necessary to reduce the impact between the edge and the ground. Recently, professional forklift equipment is used to translate. transport. If it is unloaded manually, it can prevent and control the waste tire ring on the ground and play a buffering role. The handling needs to use a manual back-resistance type or a 2-person moving platform, and avoid dragging or flipping on the ground.

The dealer receives the goods and inspects that the wooden door is damaged. Generally, it is not recommended to return to the factory for repair, because it is too troublesome, not only delays time, wastes the freight, but also may be damaged twice during the round-trip transportation. In general, it is recommended that the dealer You can repair it yourself or ask a local master to repair it. If the damage is serious, you can consider returning to the factory.

Wooden door logistics and transportation problems 1

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