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Talking about the direction of opening the door

Does the door open in or out? I don't know if everyone has noticed this issue. Under normal circumstances, the door of the house is opened outward, and the bedroom is generally opened inward, which seems to have become a tacit habit. So what are the specifics of the new house installation door when it is renovated? Next, Zonle Wooden Door will tell you about the opening of the wooden door in the new house.

The following Zonle wooden doors are the examples of wooden door clubs to illustrate the opening directions of space doors in different areas of the room.

1. the gate

In principle, public spaces should be opened in the direction of evacuation, generally from the outside, which must be strictly followed for fire doors. For residential homes, although there is also a fire evacuation function, the doors are generally designed to open indoors, which is convenient for residents to install anti-theft doors.

2. Kitchen door

After the kitchen is opened, try not to affect the related operations of the kitchen. If opening the kitchen inward will affect the operability of the kitchen, it is recommended to open it outwards; if the countertop of the cabinet is far from the door, you can choose to open it outwards.

3, bedroom door

After the door is opened, in order to keep the passage and corridor smooth, try not to occupy the main traffic area and not be affected by the opened door. Then the bedroom door opening towards the bedroom is beautiful and practical.

The above are some suggestions given by Zonle Wooden Door on whether to open the wooden door outward or inward, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Talking about the direction of opening the door 1

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