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Is there a difference between security door and fire door?

The difference between the security door and the fire door is that the main function of the security door is that the anti-prying and sealing performance is better. Generally, the door cannot be opened without a key outside the door after closing the door, and the filler in the door panel is not a fireproof material. Anti-theft doors must have the "FAM" mark, and refer to the general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors GB17565-2007. Although the fire door is also made of steel, the door panel is filled with fireproof material, and the thickness of the door steel plate also has different requirements. The steel door is an ordinary steel door. It also has a certain anti-theft function, but the anti-prying performance is relatively poor. The general street processing plants are of this type.

Only Shanghai and Chengdu have local standards for fireproof and anti-theft doors. In other places, they can only be called fireproof entry doors, that is, they have reached the national fireproof Class A or B fire door standards, and (with fire door cores filled in) Class A and Class B standards. It is generally divided by the anti-burning time. At the same time, the anti-prying requirements are met in the following aspects:

The door frame thickness is 1.5,

The lock has a tamper-proof function, that is, the lock body has both a diagonal lock tongue and a square lock tongue, and has a quick opening function.

Both locks and cat's eyes must have a fire test report. Class B fireproof entry doors can be equipped with door collars, but Class A fireproof doors are not allowed.

The merchant must provide the fire type approval certificate, fire test report, and metal entrance door test report during acceptance. Fire detection report for locks and cat's eyes.

The opening direction of the door leaf is the direction of rapid evacuation and cannot be opened inward.

Is there a difference between security door and fire door? 1

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