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How to choose wooden doors for small houses

Compared with large units, the advantages of small units are that they are simple, comfortable, economical and practical, and generally need to maximize their space value in a limited space. Buying a small apartment does not mean only simple decoration, as long as the design is reasonable, it will not only not reduce the space, but also have more complete functions. It can also brighten the interior environment. The door is an important element in the decoration. Zonle wooden door means that the selection of wooden doors for small units is generally carried out from the following aspects.

The first point: space division. The reason why a small apartment is called a small apartment is because the area of the whole house is very small, and there is no clear functional division when it is built. A reasonable small decorative design is the most important thing in the early days of decoration. Only a reasonable planning space can play a good effect in the decoration. In this case, the door in some places must be mainly to reduce the floor space.

The second point: style settings. Style is something that should be paid attention to in home decor. The decoration style of the small apartment should be as uniform and simple as possible. Zonle recommends choosing a unified color tone for the wooden doors, so that the small apartment has a good overall sense, so that each space can be more coordinated and integrated, and some more creative decorations can be better reflected in the matching.

Third: coloring. Due to the small size of the small apartment, it is difficult to decorate, and it is difficult to do more creative designs, so bright decorative colors are very important at this time. In general, it's best to try to be as bright as possible, but not too dark. Of course, if white is too drab, a light-colored wooden door is the perfect match for a small apartment.

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