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Door leaf installation precautions

Notes for the installation of Zonle wooden door and leaf:

1. Open the corresponding door leaf packaging, and check whether the size, color, and opening direction of the door leaf meet the size, color, and opening direction required by the production work book. Whether there are bumps, indentations, scratches, or wrong packages in each part, and whether the hardware to be installed is correct and complete.

2. Distinguish the upper and lower openings of the door leaf of the wooden door. During installation, the underside of the door leaf should be padded with pearl cotton, which cannot directly touch the ground. The installation should ensure that the distance between the door gaps is 3mm on the top and 7 on the left and 3mm on the left and right.

3. Adjust the hinge to the best state to ensure that the door leaf is opened easily, without friction sound, the switch is flexible and free, the door leaf is flat and vertical; after the door leaf is closed tightly, the sealing strips are tightly combined and do not swing. The paint on the surface of the door leaf and door sleeve shall not be damaged during the trimming of the hinge groove on the door leaf and door frame. When installing the hinge screws, the holes should be drawn first, and then the screws should be screwed in with a screwdriver. The installation screws are in the positive and cross direction.

4. Check the height difference between the door cover and the sash of the wooden door and the junction of the door cover line; whether the height difference between the door leaf and the door frame, and the joint between the leaf and the leaf meets the size requirements; whether the gap between the door leaf and the upper frame, side frame, and ground meets the requirements size required. After installing the door frame, check the verticality of the door frame and the squareness of the upper and lower door frames to facilitate the installation of the door leaf.

5. Install the lock to the corresponding position according to the provided lock. After the lock is installed, check whether the door leaf and door lock switch are flexible and whether there is jitter. If necessary, adjust the position of the lock in time. The door suction installation is firm and firm, and there should be no looseness. The handle should be installed vertically without tilting, and the hinge should be installed firmly.

Door leaf installation precautions 1

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