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How to choose the material of interior door?

There are many choices of mainstream door materials on the market today, including paint-free doors, molded doors, solid wood composite doors, pure solid wood doors and so on. When choosing an interior door, you can learn more about the wooden doors of various materials according to your own specific situation, and then choose!

1. Paint-free door

First of all, lets talk about the paint-free door. It uses a keel frame and a composite board and a PVC film on the surface. The cost is relatively low, the process investment is relatively simple, and it occupies a certain market space. You can consider your own economic conditions. , The material of paint-free door is a more economical choice!

2. Moulded door

The interior of the molded door is either hollow or simply filled. Its production method is to mold two MDFs together, but the specifications of the molded door generally cannot be adjusted uniformly, and the style is single. Although it may seem that the wooden door of this material may not be so pleasing, it is reasonable to exist! It may last in the market for a long time, but economic development, like social development, is always moving forward, and the survival of the fittest is an inevitable trend!

3. Pure solid wood door

The pure solid wood door is made of pure solid wood and has a solid core structure. At the same time, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, sound insulation, heat insulation and waterproof and moisture-proof. There is a relatively long continuation, and the product grade belongs to the high-end category. Although the natural texture and texture attract consumers, but under the influence of current high technology, its obvious waste of resources makes people's consumption of wooden doors of this material more and more rational!

4. Solid wood composite door

When it comes to the high technology and various process options in the wooden door industry today, wooden doors must talk about solid wood composite doors. Wooden doors of this material are the mainstream choice for people in the market today. They have mature processing technology and adopt a five-layer structure. : Door core, balance layer on both sides outside, five-layer structure of natural solid wood veneer on the surface. It covers all the advantages of pure solid wood doors, including sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, waterproof, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, crack resistance, deformation resistance, and long life. It also has the advantages that pure solid wood doors do not have: because the materials used are not all solid wood options, the price is reasonable. It is also the case that the solid wood composite door has been sought after by many thoughtful wooden door consumers.

How to choose the material of interior door? 1

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