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How to create a light luxury home design?

The light luxury style is based on minimalism, and highlights the texture through some delicate and high-end soft decoration elements, revealing good taste everywhere. Its simplicity is different from the modern Nordic style. The light luxury style is exquisite, low-key and restrained. It is more elegant than ordinary and more free than luxury. It contains a lot of design details with a touch of mesmerizing sophistication. sense.

So, how to create a light luxury home design? Zonle Wooden Door summarizes the following aspects for everyone!

First, the color

Color plays an important role in the creation of space atmosphere and people's sensory emotions. No matter what style it is, the color tone is the most intuitive visual information to give people. The same is true for the creation of light luxury style. First, we must start with the color tone.

In the light luxury style, designers often use neutral colors with a sense of luxury in a large area. The most representative embellishment color is gold, which is also an indispensable color for light luxury.

Second, the material

The light luxury style usually uses marble, metal, glass, mirror and other elements with its own luxurious temperament in terms of materials, showing a high-quality and textured life style.

Third, the light source

Finally, the decoration of the light luxury style uses simple doors and windows, which have good light transmission, allowing sufficient natural light in the room, making the light luxury decoration more charming. Exquisite aluminum alloy lines complement the exquisite light luxury living room. The ultra-narrow frame, large viewing space, and ultra-wide glass can obtain a large viewing space and bring a panoramic viewing experience to the living room. During the day, if the room is too sunny, you can use textured curtains to weaken the light.

How to create a light luxury home design? 1

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