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How to process wooden fire door

(1) the specification material for flame retardant impregnation treatment, the amount of solid flame retardant grade A fire door wood per cubic meter is greater than 110 kg, grade B fire door wood per cubic meter is greater than 90 kg;

(2) dry the wood;

(3) processing of dried wood into specifications;

(4) Secondary drying of flame-retardant impregnated wood

(5) The flame-retardant treatment specification material D2 is refined, sanding, milling groove, tenon, drilling, embedded expansion fire strip F, assembly

(6) Inspection, packaging and warehousing.

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The fire retardant problem of wooden fire door

In actual production, some enterprises reduce the content of flame retardant agent in wood of wooden fire door, or wood does not fire retardant treatment at all. The survey of some enterprises shows that it is a common practice in production to immerse the frame and frame of the door in a solution of flame retardant for several minutes after assembling the frame. Under normal temperature and pressure, the solution of flame retardant can only penetrate into the range of 2mm on the surface of most of the wood within 1 hour, and it has no obvious effect on improving the fire resistance limit of the wood of fire door.

The carbonization rate and flame retardancy of wood of different species vary greatly. Some enterprises use wood of willow tree and other tree species in type certification testing, but use wood of any tree species in production.

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Fire door internal filling materials are mainly what kinds

Fire door internal filling materials are mainly: rock wool, aluminum silicate red cotton, perlite, silicon drill fire board, etc.. Fire prevention LAN's main accessories are smoke bar , door closers (keep the door closed, such as used in the regular door to play the role of the fire can quickly close the door), alignment device (in order to close the double door between the fan. Conventional accessories are fire lock, push rod lock, hinge, fire glass and so on.

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