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Security door common 6 kinds of problems and solutions

Now the security door pattern is very much, but the security door more or less will have some small problems, then we know the common 6 kinds of problems of anti-theft door? Please follow the technical staff of the security door factory to see 6 kinds of common problems and solutions of anti-theft door.  

1. The newly bought anti-theft door was scraped by the decorator, and it was uncomfortable to look at. The door had been used for several years.  

Scratches are shallow, can be used close to the color of the paint repair (since the paint building materials hardware market for sale) such as deep scratches: must be repaired with the same plastic powder.  

Practice: take the right amount of plastic powder into a paste, with a blade to scratch the scar, and then fire close to bake about 20 seconds, after cooling with sandpaper gently flatten, finally with self-spraying light oil (available on the market) spraying surface to increase brightness.  

2. The door fan will make a sound when it is switched after being used for a period of time  

Reason one: because door fan and door frame hinge edge gap is too small and friction sound.  

Solution: adjust the hinge, so that the door fan, door frame to maintain the right amount of clearance, and apply the right amount of industrial butter to the door fan and door frame hinge edge can be combined, noise reduction effect is significant.  

Reason two: hinge bearing wear or hinge connecting rod and hinge box friction sound.  


The first step: Open the door at 90 degrees and lift the door at the bottom.  

The second step: apply appropriate amount of butter to the hinge installation position.  

3. After the door is closed, the door is shaking inside and outside  

Cause analysis: After a long time of use, the sealing rubber strip has been compressed and inelastic, or the door is closed too violently during use, and the door is slightly deformed (it cannot be seen).  

Solution: Stick a double hole rubber strip on the door and down the steps.  

4. The key does not turn flexibly  

Cause analysis 1: the handle panel screw is too tight, so that the cover deviates from the lock core and even the door surface is concave.  

Solution: Loosen the handle panel screws (just tighten the handle)  

Cause two: The inner ring of the lock core cover is not smooth.  

Solution: Remove the cover cover and apply proper amount of butter on the inner ring.  In addition, in order to facilitate flexibility, lubricant (usually pencil lead powder) should be regularly injected into the lock core, edge lock point and lock body.  Do not add other solid lubricants such as butter.  

5. It cannot be locked inside  

Cause analysis: Improper use, excessive force when opening and closing the door, strong wind causes the door to be violently closed, resulting in deformation of the door fan, the door frame to move, the door fan to fall down, the lock point has not matched the door frame lock point hole.  

Solution one: if the door fan falls (most of the door fan falls), mobilize the bottom hinge to make the door fan up.  

Method two: find which lock point against, corresponding to the appropriate amount of grinding off the door frame lock hole.  

Method 3: if the side lock point is deformed and the main lock body is necrotic, it is necessary to replace the new side lock point and lock body.  

6. Can't open the door  

Cause analysis: heaven and earth lock connecting rod dislocation, key hole artificially inserted foreign matter, key loss, lock core, lock body necrosis.  

Solution: Dislocate the heaven and earth lock lever: disassemble the handle panel and use tools such as screwdriver to return the heaven and earth lock lever to its position.  

There are foreign bodies in the keyhole of the lock core: clean it with detergent or open the panel and smash the lock core to replace the new lock core.  

Key lost: cut open the panel and smash the lock core to replace the new lock core.  Lock core and lock body necrosis: replace the lock body and lock core.  

Security door common 6 kinds of problems and solutions  1

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