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Three standard for choosing wooden doors

When buying a wooden door, in addition to the style matching the overall decoration style, durability is also an important indicator for evaluating the door. So how can we choose a suitable wooden door? Zonle wooden door tells you:

1Find the positioning

The bedroom door mainly considers privacy and creating a warm atmosphere, so the door type with weak light transmission and good sound insulation effect is mostly used; the kitchen door should choose a door type with good permeability and sealing, in order to effectively block the cooking fumes. The door of the bathroom mainly focuses on factors such as privacy and waterproofness

2,Attention to detail

3,The quality of the product can be assessed through a simple visual inspection methodtouch the frame, panel, and corner of the door with your hands, requiring no scratches and a soft and delicate hand; stand on the side of the door and greet the light to see if the surface of the door panel is uneven. Uneven.

03Healthy and environmental protection

Zonle wooden doors will pursue the ecologicalization of the production system and the greening of the home environment as the focus of the company's continuous efforts, giving every product and every wooden door green factors and ecological genes to create a healthy and comfortable home life for consumers.

Three standard for choosing wooden doors 1

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