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The strength of Zonle Door Industry unlocks the correct posture of the exhibition


On February 10th, the three-day 10th China (Yongkang) International Door Industry Expo ended perfectly in Yongkang, the "Door Capital of China".It is understood that the biggest attraction of this year's Door Expo is still focused on Hall C, among which, Zonle Door Industry, located in the largest booth of Hall C, with the beautiful advocacy of "Zonle Gate, Guarding the Loved Ones", and the sincere attitude of "building dreams for ten years, sharing the great future", presented a dazzling exhibition debut, for three days, the exhibition hall continued to show a hot trend, whether from popularity or practical results, have achieved good results beyond expectations, and the strength unlocks the correct exhibition posture.


The strength of Zonle Door Industry unlocks the correct posture of the exhibition 1

burn!Thousands of enterprises competed on the same stage, and the debut of Zonle shined

As an important professional event in China and even in the world, this year, Yongkang Gate Expo reproduced the "one is difficult to find" hot scene, according to official statistics, nearly 1300 companies registered, after strict review, 946 companies won the participation qualifications, Zonle Door Industry ranked in the list, and won the exhibition 382 the largest booth, really on the door industry feast!


At the exhibition site, big names gathered, walking into the C hall of the door expo, the first thing that caught the eye was Zonle door industry located in booth C2T01.The core C booth, coupled with the highly recognizable classic "China Red" exhibition hall design, coupled with the exquisite and elegant products of the whole series, and the professional and enthusiastic service of the staff, make people feel good about this debut brand.

During the three-day door industry event, the Zonle Door Industry Exhibition Hall was crowded, and the professional customers who came to consult were endless, and the negotiations were very enthusiastic.Through the close contact of the exhibition, customers can not only taste the core products on the spot, but also learn more about a series of enterprise-related situations such as investment policies, after-sales service, brand strength, and development strategies.Zonle Door Industry's high-quality products, perfect supporting services and strong brand strength have won the praise of many customers present.The strength of Zonle Door Industry unlocks the correct posture of the exhibition 2

The strength of Zonle Door Industry unlocks the correct posture of the exhibition 3

According to the relevant person in charge of Zonle Door Industry, the effect of this exhibition far exceeded expectations, and the popularity of the scene was hot, with tens of thousands of materials and thousands of gifts, and none of them remained.Among them, the passenger flow on the first day of the exhibition exceeded 30,000 people, which achieved gratifying results in terms of popularity and practical results.

Two key points to win the Gate Expo

Zonle Doors unlocks the correct exhibiting posture

In the face of fierce market competition, more and more enterprises and distributors will set their sights on the exhibition, the former expecting to expand customer resources or enhance brand influence, and the latter expecting to meet products and brands that are truly worthy of "trust".However, whether it is a company or a dealer, not all of them can achieve the desired effect by participating in the exhibition, and the success of the debut of the Zonle door industry has brought some practical implications to the industry.

First, ten years to sharpen a sword, resolutely do not fight unprepared battles.

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of the consumer market and the gradual improvement of China's manufacturing level, the overall quality of China's door industry products has been greatly improved, and the competition between enterprises or merchants at present is ostensibly the competition between products, but in fact it is a deeper competition in the comprehensive strength of brands.If there is no strong strength of the brand as a backing, even if the product itself is of excellent quality, it is still unable to meet the comprehensive needs of customers for a series of supporting services such as personalized customization and shipment cycle.The strength of Zonle Door Industry unlocks the correct posture of the exhibition 4


Therefore, exhibitors or distributors, in the exhibition can not focus only on the product, but also through the product, show or understand the brand power behind the product, and the cultivation of comprehensive strength, not overnight, but also more constitute the core competitiveness of the market.This debut, Zonle Door Industry with the strong Yixin Industry as the backing, precipitated for ten years, ten years of product categories continue to enrich, the level of technology continues to improve, supporting services continue to improve.Thick accumulation and thin hair, not to fight unprepared battles, this is an important reason for the success of the debut of Zonle Doors.

Second, seize the opportunity of subdivision, rational participation in the exhibition must also have an attitude

Open the search engine to search for home exhibition information, you will find that the exhibition information is numerous, covering building decoration and materials, doors and windows, soft decoration, customization and other types of exhibitions, large and small exhibitions throughout the year as many as hundreds, but the exhibition for enterprises or dealers, are to spend a certain amount of manpower, material resources and time costs, then the enterprise or dealer should focus on what kind of exhibition, once the lock exhibition and how to treat?

The practical experience of Zonle Door Industry tells us that the exhibition is not more but fine, and the enterprises or merchants in the subdivision field should focus their energy on the corresponding professional subdivision field exhibitions and maintain rational participation.Zonle Door Industry is a professional category enterprise focusing on category research and development, production, sales, logistics and after-sales service, so the first exhibition chose the corresponding professional event - Yongkang Door Expo, and adopted a more rational and mature exhibition strategy.

At the same time, in the exhibition, the overall attitude of ZonleMen industry is very sincere and serious.On the one hand, enough attention is paid to the booth declaration, exhibition hall design, and exhibit placement, so that people can feel the brand tonality when they see the exhibition hall;On the other hand, in the details of the exhibition, ZonleMen Industry carefully arranged wonderful programs such as "Sichuan Drama Changing Face" with unique Sichuan characteristics, and added "interactive exchange of gifts" intimate and interesting activities on the spot, so that people can feel the local characteristics at the same time, enhance brand memory, and increase the fun and humanity of the exhibition.

Conclusion: The above is just that we combined with the participation of Zonle Door Industry, sorted out some of the exhibitor suggestions, and through the door expo, we also knew a practical enterprise.The growth and expansion of an enterprise, behind the experience worth thinking about and learning a lot, we look forward to the future development of Zonle Door Industry, can bring more surprises to the industry.

Zonle Door Industry won the title of "2021 Home Furnishing Industry Quality Benchmark brand"
Duan Xiangdong, chairman of Pangang Group, visited Zonle Door Industry for research
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