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Zonle Door takes you to understand the knowledge of anti-theft door maintenance in all aspects

Anti-theft door is an important tool for family anti-theft, and now anti-theft is more and more, and the process is becoming more and more mature.But no matter how good the door, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, it will cause a lot of trouble.Therefore, it is necessary to know the correct use of security doors and maintenance knowledge.The security door in use is striving to maintain it once a year to extend the service life.Today, Zonle Door Industry takes everyone to understand the maintenance skills of Guangxi security door in all aspects!


Zonle Door  takes you to understand the knowledge of anti-theft door maintenance in all aspects 1

1. Protective film on the surface of the security door
Within 1 month after installation, the protective film must be torn off, and if there is sunlight, the door should be torn off immediately, otherwise it will cause damage to the paint.If it is an old house to change the door, it can be torn off after installation.The renovation of the new house may lose the surface of the door, which can be torn off after the renovation is completed.
2. How to use A/B locks
A lock key (decoration key) can be provided to the installer.After the installation is completed (after the decoration acceptance), the owner only needs to use the B key to insert the lock cylinder and rotate 360 degrees, the A key will automatically expire, and the B key can be used as usual.The owner should never try to open it with a B key before checking in.
3. Usually, the oil can be dripped on the opening movement such as hinges and lock points for maintenance
The lock cylinder is forbidden to drip vegetable oil, lubricating oil, etc. to open, and if it is not flexible, you can use a little pencil refill powder, or check whether there is rust in the keyhole, the upper and lower connection lock points and the door frame key hole.If there is rust, you can drop a few drops of engine oil in the upper and lower connection lock points and keyholes, etc., and can be opened many times.
4. The paint surface of the anti-theft door should be paid attention to
To prevent scratches from hard objects, when cleaning, use water to drip into the wash and wet towel to wring dry and scrub, disable gasoline, banana water and other cleaning.
Note: If the security door is used for more than one year, Guangxi security door all kinds of pins, contact points have the possibility of rust, you can use the best lubricating oil, the pins and contact points are coated one by one, increase the lubrication effect, remember the keyhole do not apply oil.

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