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"Channel Innovation, Create a Better Future" Zonle Door Industry 2022 Western Regional Dealer Summit

In 2022, Zonle Door Industry set sail again to reshape the channel model, and the dealer summit with the theme of "channel innovation, creating a better future" was officially launched in Guangxi base in February.Dealer partners from different regions in the western region participated in the summit, and everyone gathered together to walk together with one heart, integrate and win-win, build up for common development, cheer up, and enlighten the wonderful future!

Channel Innovation, Create a Better Future Zonle Door Industry 2022 Western Regional Dealer Summit 1

  At the summit, hundreds of new products were launched, among which the diagonal products had a strong sense of three-dimensionality, the personalized needs of the door glass products were widely selected, the modern style products were simple and fashionable, the bread door products had a strong sense of shape, and the villa door products were high-end and atmospheric, and the exhibited products were favored by the majority of dealer partners.

Channel Innovation, Create a Better Future Zonle Door Industry 2022 Western Regional Dealer Summit 2

  At the dealer summit, Zonle Door Industry reviewed the achievements made in 2021, commended the dealer partners with outstanding performance, and introduced the development plan in detail in 2022, Zonle Door Industry always adhered to intelligence, and continued to improve the advantages of "stable product quality", "strong supply capacity" and "guaranteed service".Let the participating dealer partners have a deeper understanding of the industrial pattern of Zonle Door Industry, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management, and empowering support for dealers.The "Channel Innovation, Create a Better Future" Dealer Summit was a complete success.In the future, Zonle Door Industry will go hand in hand with Zonle dealer partners to create brilliant achievements.

At present, the sharing of information and resources is an inevitable trend of current and future development.Adhering to the business philosophy of "common development and sharing success", Zonle Door is committed to building a complementary ecosystem between manufacturers and merchants, front end and back end.Zonle Door gives full play to the advantages of marketization, digitalization and intelligence, upgrades the sales operation management mode, optimizes the client communication platform, empowers dealer partners, improves efficiency and reduces costs, helps dealer partners quickly adapt to the ever-changing market, improves market competitiveness, maximizes business value, and provides continuous nourishment for "channel innovation and creating a better future".


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