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Can bathroom door be used wooden door?

Indoor door all families can install wooden door, toilet and kitchen and balcony majority person can use vitreous door, wooden door encounters water easily expandable the characteristic that is out of shape lets a few people be scruped somewhat when toilet door of choose and buy, what door is used? Can toilet wooden door of choose and buy install after all?  The following Zonle wooden door to introduce to you.


First, what door does the bathroom door use? 

The toilet used in the general home decoration process is mostly in two cases, one is a relatively large space and dry and wet partition decoration category products; The other is the decorative door products with relatively small space and can not be divided into dry and wet areas.  To the toilet door of dry wet partition, can be decided according to consumer oneself love, and in the light of the toilet that cannot undertake partition commonly, when choosing toilet door, can undertake consideration from the following several respects:


(1) choose to use the rest assured but not too beautiful plastic steel door;  Its moisture-proof performance is superior.



(2) choose aluminum magnesium titanium alloy material door, waterproof function is good, more style, color is rich, other need not say much, light material thickness can see the quality of good or bad, as long as the good quality, the use of this door should be a better choice.


(3) choose the door of steel plate and wood core, can be waterproof, but the style of the door is not much, there is not much room for choice.


(4) choose stainless steel and glass door, waterproof and use function are good, but the price is relatively high, the use of ordinary bedroom decoration is not cost-effective. In addition completely grind arenaceous processing half glass door also is toilet door good choice.


Second, can the toilet use wooden door?

There are a lot of people think toilet can't use wood, because wood is not waterproof, actually no, you don't know did note that all of the high-grade decoration use titanium magnesium alloy door, and bedroom are matching wooden door, wooden door is warm, the atmosphere, shut the door handle is better, the actual wooden door whether is afraid of water, mainly the door frame. Generally, the door leaf has a certain gap with the ground. It is not afraid of water. Unless there is a lot of water in the house, it will affect the door leaf. The wood will absorb water up with the pipe holes of the wood, long-term damp the door would be broken, the main is the set of board and ground contact seam with glass glue closed.As long as the water can't get into this gap, the door frame will not be broken. In fact, the door in the home is broken because the plate is broken. The surface of the door and the frame plate has a layer of paint, and the surface is not afraid of water.

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