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How to maintain wooden doors and wood finishes?

How important is the daily maintenance of wooden doors and finishes?  Those who have done wooden door maintain can prolong service life not only, can maintain the beautiful degree of woodwork more. Today Zonle wood door is here talk about the influence of continuous wet weather of day to work and maintain clever move.


Continuous wet weather is a unique weather phenomenon in the south of China. It usually refers to the phenomenon that the temperature begins to warm up and the humidity begins to rise every spring. When the temperature rises in March, the temperature of the object fails to rise temporarily. At this time, the surface of the low-temperature object is in contact with the water vapor from the south wind of the Pacific Ocean. When the water vapor is cold, it turns into water.



"Continuous wet weather" when the air humidity is close to saturation, walls and wooden door furniture, and even the ground will "bubble water", inside and outside are wet. Teach you a few back to the south of the wooden door use and maintenance of the small trick:

1, the use of chemical dehumidification method: to daily necessities store or online to buy some dehumidification products, such as desiccant, bamboo carbon package, according to the instructions to use, reduce the humidity in the air, let the whole environment drier.



2, the use of physical dehumidification method: prepare a basin of hot water, add some edible salt, with hot salt to wipe the damp facade, door cover and ground, wait for a period of time, the surface water vapor evaporation, this method can not only quickly dehumidification and moisture, but also play the role of sterilization.

How to maintain wooden doors and wood finishes? 1


3, the use of electrical dehumidification method: the use of home air conditioning,dehumidifier, heating and other household electrical equipment, open the corresponding mode, close the doors and Windows for dehumidification.



4, correct switch window: morning and evening air humidity is the largest, because temperature is lower, humidity is heavier, then if you open the window, but let the damp air advantage, can have the sun at noon, the weather is better short time open a window ventilated, let indoor fresh air flow, avoid indoor shut the window for a long time in air turbidity affect physical health.


Zonle wood door has a higher moisture-proof, waterproof, non-glue and other characteristics, full color through multi-layer solid wood, with OrientedStrand architraves to enhance the moisture-proof performance, more effective waterproof function.



The surface is the German activated carbon paint process, play a surface scratch, wear resistance at the same time, there is a certain waterproof, waterproof effect, if the wood door material is made of solid wood multilayer, waterproof performance can also improve a higher level, both senior sense and practical Zonle wood door, must be your home decoration of the first choice. 

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