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How should deal with the wooden door appearing phenomenon expansion?

The door is every home needs, with now more and more people choose wooden door, will find wooden door if not good maintenance is also easy to appear all kinds of use problems, today Zonle wooden door first talk to everyone about wooden door expansion phenomenon should how to deal with? What are the tips?

First of all, before installation, the door must pass the necessary moisture-proof, anti-corrosion treatment. When painting the wall, use waterproof materials without corrosion and melting to cover the wooden door, and prevent the wooden door from receiving abnormal impact or contact with corrosive substances.


Second wooden door installation do not hang on the door fan in the goods or avoid sharp goods knock against, scratch. Open or close the door fan, do not force too hard or open Angle is too large, one side caused damage.


Again, in the use of wooden door products should try to maintain indoor air relative humidity between 60%-75%, spring and winter, we should pay attention to good indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity, make wooden doors in normal room temperature, humidity.

Because the wooden door has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, in a humid environment, the wooden door will be easy to expand, and then deformation, so that the door can not be closed. If the door is not closed for this reason, it is not simple to change the hinge and door cover can solve the matter.

How should deal with the wooden door appearing phenomenon expansion? 1

It is generally suggested that everyone, if conditional, it is best to change a waterproof and moisture-proof household door, so that it will be better.  The reason that still has another kind of wooden door be affected with damp, that is wall body may be affected with damp, after bringing about wall body to be out of shape wooden door also be affected with damp, what reason is specific so, this should undertake understanding first. If only simple wooden door damp, ventilation or change waterproof and moisture-proof door to solve, or appropriate removal of some deformation parts to achieve strict door closure. If not, we need to check the water lines for damage 

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