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Do you know the acceptance method of anti-theft door?

The anti-theft door is used by every household, so do you know how we should check and accept the anti-theft door after purchasing it? Next, please follow the Zonle anti-theft door to understand it.


The thickness of the security door for security door acceptance

For the quality and structure of the anti-theft door, the relevant national parties have made specific regulations, so when checking the anti-theft door, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the anti-theft door meets the national regulations. For example, the current national standard for anti-theft doors requires that the thickness of the steel plate of the steel door frame should not be less than 2mm. However, many so-called anti-theft security doors have a thickness of less than 0.8mm, which is difficult to play the role of anti-theft, and "safety" cannot be reflected.


Destruction test of security door acceptance

Zonle security door manufacturer introduced that the country has specific regulations for the destruction experiment of security doors: to break a hole of 615 square centimeters on the security door, the time should not be less than 15 minutes. Generally, the anti-theft door with a thickness of more than 1mm of facade steel plate can withstand this kind of damage test.

For the acceptance of the anti-theft door, we also need to pay attention to the damage time that the anti-theft door can withstand. The national mandatory standard "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Safety Doors" stipulates that: anti-theft safety doors are doors that can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions within a certain period of time, and have special locks and anti-theft devices. The security level of the anti-theft security door is divided into three levels: A, B, and C according to the length of the net working time that its weak link can resist abnormal opening under the action of the specified destructive tool. That is to say, the security door with the lowest quality level should be destroyed at least C level, that is, 15 minutes.

Do you know the acceptance method of anti-theft door? 1

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