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How to choose the color of the security door?

Now Zonle security door understands that with the development of society, more and more people pay attention to appearance, and security door is part of home decoration, a security door represents the face of a home, so do you know how to choose the color of security door what? Next, Zonle security door will introduce it to you.


Zonle security door manufacturers introduced that the security door should be close to the color of the furniture, and should be as consistent as possible with the window cover (a lot of current set doors have matching window cover, skirting, and corner lines), and the same wall color. There must be a corresponding contrast. For example: it is best to use the oil-mixed white safety door to make the wall paint color.

When the living room environment is cool, you should choose a lighter safety door, such as oil-mixed white, birch, etc. Friends who want to decorate may wish to pay attention. The color of the ground should be coordinated with the safety door to maintain a uniform color (such as cold and warm), but it is best not to be consistent. It's all about matching and coordination. If you're not sure, choose white. White is the color that is least prone to mistakes!

The safety door is a functional decoration of the facade of the living room. Generally speaking, the safety door is closely related to the furniture, wall paint and window cover in the home. To prevent the ground and wall from being chaotic, and to weaken the room with a large sense of space, or a room with a good rising sun, you can choose a darker black walnut, which can create a more calm atmosphere. The color itself is beautiful, there is no right or wrong. The connection with the floor is relatively small. When the living room environment is warm colors, the relative security door can choose warmer colors, such as: cherry wood, teak wood, sapele, etc.

How to choose the color of the security door? 1

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