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How to choose steel fire doors and wooden fire doors?

The setting of fire doors in architectural design generally only clearly stipulates the requirements for the grade of fire doors, and does not specify the material requirements of the door. That is how to purchase in the actual configuration? Many users who purchased such products for the first time are confused. Where to use wood fire doors and where to use steel fire doors. Zonle wooden door will tell you:

Although the relevant building codes do not give clear requirements for the selection of fire door materials, there are still certain requirements in the actual configuration. Generally speaking, wood fire doors are generally used indoors and steel fire doors are mostly used outdoors, but this is not the case. , just the vast majority.

Wooden fire doors are generally used indoors mainly at stair entrances, where wooden class B fire doors are used; the pipeline wells are both strong and weak current wells, and wooden class C fire doors are used; the doors for crowded places and rooms, such as The doors of Internet cafes, cinemas, KTV private rooms and the firewalls in hospitals, schools and stations are made of wooden Class A fire doors.

How to choose steel fire doors and wooden fire doors? 1

The parts where steel Class A fire doors are used include power distribution rooms, transformer rooms, elevator rooms, diesel generator rooms, boiler rooms, etc.; Class B fire doors are mainly used in control rooms, ventilation machine rooms, fire doors in warehouse stairwells, etc. ; Ventilation ducts, garbage ducts, and inter-connected doors in the power transformation and distribution room are all steel Class C fire doors.

As mentioned earlier, the choice of fire door material is not clearly specified. The above list is only the common setting methods in the industry, and some places have different settings and use. In short, no matter which material fire door is selected, it must be according to the building And fire door specification requirements configuration.

How to choose steel fire doors and wooden fire doors? 2

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