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Common problems with steel fire doors

1. Raw material problem: The actual raw materials used do not match the materials used in design or testing. Such as thin steel plate instead of thick steel plate, cold rolling instead of galvanized, no fire-proof insulation material filled, or honeycomb cardboard instead of aluminum silicate fiber cotton, even if the filling is not full, it is shoddy to reduce its production cost. The focus of the inspection is deviated. Filling material: A simple and practical method is to tap and listen to the sound. If the sound is dull, it means that there is filling in the door frame and door leaf. (Hinge hole, lock hole, latch hole, door closer sequencer fixing hole, upper and lower ventilation holes, process holes, etc.), at present, the filler for Class A and B fire doors on the market is white aluminum silicate Fiber cotton (different bulk density, grade A is above 200kg/m3, grade B is above 160kg/m3), grade C uses yellow rock wool.

Common problems with steel fire doors 1

2. The thickness of the door leaf: check whether the actual thickness of the door leaf conforms to the thickness of the door leaf in the test report.

3. Fireproof glass problem: It is often found on the construction site that insulating glass, thin fireproof glass with insufficient grade, or fireproof glass with poor lighting and excessive number of bubbles is used to pretend to be fireproof glass with high fire resistance. When inspecting, you can pick out a piece of glass at will, remove the seal on the upper corner of the glass to check whether there is a seal filled with fireproof liquid, and measure its thickness, which should be compared with the data on the fireproof glass test report.

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