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What is the fire resistance limit of wooden fire doors?

The so-called wooden fire door is a kind of wooden fire door after special treatment. The solid wood fire door in the market is divided into three categories according to the fire resistance limit: A, B and C. The fire resistance requirements are 72min, 54min and 36min respectively. Solid wood fire doors have relatively high requirements for their wood materials, and their moisture content is generally required to be maintained at about 12%, so as to ensure the fire resistance of wood fire doors and not easily deformed during use.


In addition, the requirements for hardware accessories of fire doors are also quite high. The hardware accessories used to decorate solid wood fire doors must be fire resistant hardware accessories. The main hardware accessories are: fire hinges, fire latches, fire door locks, fire sequencers and Fire door closers, etc.; if the hardware accessories of the fire door do not have fire resistance, then the fire resistance of the fire door will not be guaranteed during use. The fire resistance of solid wood fire doors needs to meet certain standards. During the fire resistance test, the decorated solid wood fire doors should be able to meet the conditions specified in the standard within the time required for their fire resistance

What is the fire resistance limit of wooden fire doors? 1

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