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How to distinguish compound solid wood door and solid wood door

A lot of people divide what is compound solid wood door and what is solid wood door, actually compound solid wood door and solid wood door are having certain distinction, so, what is the distinction of compound solid wood door and solid wood door? Here is the difference between the two.

1. From the perspective of performance

Solid wood door is natural log because use material, have natural colour and lustre and grain so, appearance is beautiful, decorous. Solid wood door processing is used without adding any chemical substances of wood quality, solid wood flavor, no harmful substances volatilization, and environmental protection, and can be carved, played, shape processing flexible and three-dimensional sense, hardness, kaleidoscopic; And solid wood compound door, its door core is high grade white pine more, the surface is solid wood veneer. Because white pine density is small, light weight, and easier to control moisture content, so the weight of the finished door is lighter, not easy to deformation, cracking. Additional, door of real wood compound still has the characteristic such as heat preservation, be able to bear impact, flame retardant, and sound insulation effect is same as door of real wood basically.

How to distinguish compound solid wood door and solid wood door 1

2, from the material

Solid wood door is made of solid wood, its structure is mainly door frame tenon connection, inlaid door core board, in the market is a high-grade product; Solid wood compound door, it is to point to wait with lumber, glue material to be main material compound the solid model body that make or close to solid model body, face layer is woodiness veneer stick surface or the door of other cover surface material.


3. In terms of characteristics

Solid wood door natural environmental protection, give a person the feeling of simplicity, but the price is high, affected by external temperature and humidity; Solid wood compound door design diversiform, contemporary fashion, price moderate, but because be plank compound and become, so consumer should notice the quality of each manufacturer when choosing real wood compound door.

The above is about solid wood door and solid wood composite door how to distinguish the relevant introduction, everyone in the choice of wooden door, must pay attention to choose the right their own wooden door.

How to distinguish compound solid wood door and solid wood door 2

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