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Develop wood industry worth 100 billion yuan to build Guigang as "Wood capital of South China"

Recently, the high quality of forestry development in Guangxi and Lin long work conference, Guigang Huidong zhu said the mayor, guigang will speed up the development of forest industry with high quality, the development of forestry industry as an important gripper of promoting rural revitalization and common prosperity, a wood processing industry development planning, three years of high quality modern forestry industry operations, such as planning, Proposed to build a hundred billion yuan wood industry and the "southern Wood capital of China" goal.

Develop wood industry worth 100 billion yuan to build Guigang as Wood capital of South China 1

In 2021, The total output value of the forestry industry in Guigang will reach 80.5 billion yuan. Adhering to the principle of "project is king", 184 forestry industry projects will be implemented in 2021, accounting for 32.5% of the industrial projects in Guigang, and the completed investment will reach 4.92 billion yuan.

According to reports, by the end of 2021, Guigang city has more than 3,500 wood industry enterprises, including 480 enterprises on the regulation, accounting for 28.5% of the total number of forest products processing industry on the regulation of Guangxi; The output of wood-based panels is 21 million cubic meters, about 40% of Guangxi's total.

Zhu Huidong introduces, Guigang city puts forth effort to introduce a batch of associate degree is tall, take power strong, industry chain long wood industry leading enterprise. In 2021, Guigang city forest industry signed 141 new projects, contract investment of 65.6 billion yuan. At present, it has formed the whole industrial chain of rotary veneer, plate, veneer and panel furniture and supporting manufacturing system of wood machinery and adhesive, with more than 130 varieties of products in 9 series. The local industry matching rate reaches 80%, making it the region with the most complete industrial chain and the most complete supporting categories among similar industries in Southern China.

Develop wood industry worth 100 billion yuan to build Guigang as Wood capital of South China 2

Guigang has accelerated industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthened scientific and technological support, strengthened cooperation with domestic first-class scientific research colleges and industry associations, and created high-end green brands. At present, most of the products have passed the ISO9001 international quality certification, and are the main suppliers of more than 20 first-line brand home furnishing enterprises, such as Nature, Oppein, Holy Image and Sofia. Products are exported to South Korea, the United States and the European Union, Asean countries. 

Guigang also actively create first-class development environment, arrange financial funds 800 million yuan to support the development of forestry industry, coordinate financial institutions to issue "Guihui loan" and other loans 2.43 billion yuan, effectively solve the problem of difficult financing, expensive financing, financing slow; Build industrial development platform, according to the "eight one" standard, build 2 national forestry industry demonstration parks. Guigang city also plans to build a number of professional parks, the planning area of more than 100,000 mu; The forest products testing center has been built. Activities such as "Party Secretary for Difficult Issues" and "Mayor Service For Enterprises reception Day" have been carried out to effectively solve problems for enterprises and promote them to speed up development and become bigger and stronger.

Develop wood industry worth 100 billion yuan to build Guigang as Wood capital of South China 3

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