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Zonle Nordic style: return to the essence of life

Nordic style, simple space, bright lines, with light luxury elements.  In recent years, the Nordic wind on the INS of Europe and the United States is popular, especially more "salt", "sugar" these schools, Whether it is low color salt home, or into the pink color sugar space, each have the characteristics of a separate tree.  

Zonle Nordic style: return to the essence of life 1


Nordic style is known for its minimalism. If they have anything in common, it must be simple, direct, functional and close to nature. Under the seemingly casual collocation of Nordic style design, everything is as brilliant as nature. Any space, always have a visual center, and the dominant director of this center is colour.

Zonle Nordic style: return to the essence of life 2

 Wooden doors with the same color wall, so that the overall space is more bright, unique effect, greatly enhanced the sense of administrative levels

Zonle wooden door tie-in distinctive floor tile, let this space not appear drab. And the door plank of white and wood color, basically maintained the concept of Nordic design style.

Zonle Nordic style: return to the essence of life 3


In recent years, Nordic style has become more and more popular among fans, both in experience shops and furniture stores. Nordic style space is simple and fluent, concise and lively on color collocation, bring people another relaxed, natural.  

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