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Environmental protection products practice green development

On November 12, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People's Republic of China announced the list of Green Design Demonstration Enterprises for industrial Products. Zonle was successfully selected by virtue of its implementation of green development strategy in recent years and outstanding achievements in green design innovation and development capability and management level.  This is another national honor for our company in the field of green development following the national Green Factory.

It is understood that the green design demonstration enterprise particularly high threshold selection, evaluation content including but not limited to the enterprise management ability, market competition ability, innovation ability, the green design, green design products such as multiple dimensions, and focus on green design innovation of enterprise development ability and management level, and the ability of green products supply and market influence,  It aims to guide leading enterprises in the industry to carry out green design practice, give play to the demonstration effect, lead the new trend of green and sustainable development of the industry, enhance the awareness of green and low-carbon development of the industry, increase the supply of green products, and drive green consumption.  

Over the years, Zonle has been practicing green development strategy and taking the road of sustainable development.  This was identified as the "industrial product green design demonstration enterprise", on behalf of Zonle in enhancing product competitiveness and driving green technology innovation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading has been fully recognized by the industry and the government.  As a national green factory, Zonle has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection, and invested a lot of time, money and energy in raw material selection, production equipment upgrading, product research and development.

On raw material selection, when domestic enterprise still is using oily paint to undertake furniture surface that bake paint and wooden door besmear, honour happy already used water borne paint to replace oily paint.  Waterborne paint is solvent with water, not only does not contain formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substances, and VOC content is low, environmental protection index is higher.  At the same time, aiming at the environmental protection problem of wood door base material, our company took the lead in using F4 star plate to replace the traditional plate.  F4 Star is the Japanese AGRICULTURAL and forestry JAS standard, which is one of the highest environmental protection and health grades in Japan. Compared with ordinary plates, F4 Star plates have lower free formaldehyde content, which is more in line with the concept of green environmental protection.  Up to now, Zonle has established a green supply chain management system, and F4 Star plate, environmentally friendly water paint and other environmentally friendly materials are widely used in the company's various health products.  

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In the production equipment side, Zonle constantly carry out scientific and technological innovation and technical improvement, enhance the automation and intelligent level of production equipment, to create an advanced green intelligent digital factory.  To paint green intelligent design as an example, our company developed paint recycling, automatic spraying equipment and other intelligent devices, to achieve the recovery and reuse of paint materials, effectively improve the utilization rate of raw materials, protect the production environment and ecological environment.  

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In the aspect of green product design, 2019-2020, we get the green design technology or product related invention patent, the software copyright, etc 12 awards, relying on the green design technology has introduced aqueous lacquer wood door, healthy, environmental protection, no paint composite door cabinets and other products, with less resource consumption, environmental pollution and harm to human body,Produce superior performance of environmental protection products, create more value.  

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In the future, Zonle will continue to promote the "green and sustainable" development, centering on healthy materials and green supply management business and model innovation, boost the transformation and upgrading of China's wood door industry and the normative development of green manufacturing, and continue to practice the green and technological development road.

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