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How to install security door will be safe?

Besides the quality of the product itself, the installation is also very important. So, how to install the safety door to safety? Zonle security door to tell you as follows:  

1, the installation of fixed partition walls should be carried out after the basic completion of other processes in the indoor area. Fixed partition and movable door must be unified line positioning, according to the design requirements of the release of partition and safety door positioning line, determine the position of the door frame, accurately measure the ground elevation and the elevation of the top of the safety door frame.  


2. The width of the limit slot on the top of the partition wall and safety door should be greater than the thickness of 2 ~ 4mm, and the depth of the slot should be between 20 ~ 30mm for glue injection. The installation method can lead two metal decorative plate edges from the center line, and then install the limit slot on the top of the safety door frame according to the edges. The wooden pad in the slot is to adjust the depth of the slot.  Adjust by increasing or decreasing the pad.  


3. install metal veneer wood base. The installation method can nail square wood on the original embedded wood brick, or nail square wood through expansion bolt, fix the square wood on the ground, and then use all-powerful glue to stick the metal decorative panel on the wood. Aluminum alloy square tube, can be fixed on the frame column with aluminum Angle, or fixed on the wood brick embedded in the ground with wood screw. 

How to install security door will be safe? 1


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