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How to maintain the security door?

Security door is now in our daily life every family has used it, so do you know how to maintain security door now?


1, when the door is opened, the key can not be fully inserted into the keyhole, if it is in winter, first check whether the keyhole is frozen: if other seasons, check whether there is a foreign body in the keyhole.


2, hear the opening and closing of metal friction sound, you can try a little lubricating oil on the hinge of the security door, if it does not work, you can find a professional maintenance worker.


3. When the anti-theft door is closed, the resistance is too large, and a little lubricating oil can also be applied to the movable lock tongue.


4. in the installation of anti-theft door, to carefully fill cement, so that the effective close combination between the door frame and the wall, so that the door body and the door frame to maintain reasonable cooperation, long-term use without worrying about deformation.

How to maintain the security door? 1


5. If it is difficult to insert the lock core when opening the door, you can apply a little graphite.  Or insert lock core with pencil lead wipe.


6. in cold region, security doors "winter" problem is also very important, because of the cold region of indoor and outdoor temperature difference is very big, in the cold and hot water is easy to make the security door lock be affected with damp be affected with damp, and then frozen, want to avoid this kind of circumstance happening, and before the winter will be just the right amount of two drops freeze protection oil in the lock core, after the winter in clean with gasoline or diesel oil. Do not use vegetable oil as a lubricant for the lock. 

How to install security door will be safe?
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