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How to replace the anti-theft door lock cylinder?

Now, for the sake of their own safety, every household will install anti-theft doors, and an additional layer of anti-theft doors will provide an additional layer of security. Then, if the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door is broken, we will know how to replace it independently. The following Zonle Door Industry has sorted out some methods for you.

1. After selecting the lock cylinder of the anti-theft door, unscrew the two screws on the top and bottom of the handle panel. These two screws are mainly used to fix the panel. Just prepare a Phillips screwdriver to complete it, and it is very simple.

2. After the screws are screwed, put them in place, unscrew the lock cylinder and place the screws on both sides of the sleeve, but be careful not to screw these two screws too tightly during installation, so as to avoid the anti-theft door handle being too tight to be opened. Remove the handle first, then remove the lock cap.

3. Put the lock cylinder into the sleeve and remove it, and put it together with the screws. Remember the steps of disassembly, the return is the same. All the disassembled items are put away uniformly so as not to be lost.

4. Unscrew the screw that fixes the lock cylinder, and remove the lock cylinder. If the lock cylinder cannot be pulled out by hand after removing the screw, tap the left or right lock head with a hammer and try again.

How to replace the anti-theft door lock cylinder? 1

5. After the lock cylinder anti-theft case is installed according to the method of step 3, install the handle, before installing the handle, insert the safety bolt, and then install the handle above.

6. Install the inner and outer handles of Helong. It is best to have someone help hold the outer white hands together. The two are symmetrically catered for, and then continue to the next step.

7. Adjust the inner and outer handles, and they must be well coordinated. The screw holes should be aligned with the nuts over there, or turn the screws after lighting with a flashlight.

8. Insert the screw vertically. If the nut inside is not aligned when inserting the screw, please shake the screw with your fingers. Generally, friends who have rotated the screw will realize whether the screw is aligned.

9. Fix the panel, tighten the screws, pay attention to the screws can not be too tight, the handle is obedient, it can not be flexibly rotated.

10. The last thing is to try the effect. Be sure to keep the door open and try again, so as not to be locked out and have to start all over again if the door is not repaired. You can twist the insurance 360 ​​degrees by inserting the key, and then you can do it manually after everything is normal.

How to replace the anti-theft door lock cylinder? 2

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