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How to restore the solid wood door after it is damp?

Many people choose to install wooden doors at home. Wooden doors are not only fashionable but also very close to nature! But wooden doors are very susceptible to moisture, especially in the south, where fungi will grow on wooden doors! So how do we recover when we encounter solid wood doors damp?

What is the reason for the dampness of the wooden door?

When exposed to water or in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to cause the wooden door to expand and deform, especially when the wooden door is used in a relatively humid space such as a bathroom, it is more likely to happen. The door core of the solid wood composite door is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling materials, and the MDF and solid wood veneer are attached to the outside. The door raw material is also dried twice, the bottom is painted, and the multi-layer door cover is used, which can also effectively control its moisture deformation. However, even for these two kinds of wooden doors, you must choose a regular wooden door brand, and its drying process and varnishing process must meet the national standards to be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof. If the moisture content of the wood used for the wooden door does not meet the standard, it will easily absorb water and moisture, expand and deform during use. If the painting work of the wooden door is not done well or the bottom edge of the wooden door is not painted, then the moisture will pass back and forth through the wood, which will cause the wooden door to increase humidity and expand and deform.

Symptoms of dampness on solid wood doors: Excessive humid weather will cause small water droplets on the surface of solid wood doors, local paint on the surface will change color, and mildew will breed in severe damp conditions. The local volume expansion of the wood due to the increased moisture content will eventually cause the wooden door to deform. The part of the wood connection in the wooden door will cause cracking due to excessive changes in moisture content.

Moisture symptoms of solid wood composite doors: The joints of some solid wood composite doors will expand and deform due to the increase of moisture content, and in severe cases, the surface board will crack.

What should I do if the wooden door is damp?

In the long-term humid environment such as bathrooms and toilets, the wooden door is immersed in water, absorbs water and absorbs moisture for a long time and expands and deforms. If the normal closing of the door leaf has been affected, the whole leaf can only be replaced and cannot be repaired. When replacing wooden doors, it is recommended to use multi-layer composite board wooden doors or solid wood doors. As long as the paint surface is well done, similar problems can be effectively avoided. The humidity in the bathroom will have a certain corrosive effect on the hardware of the door. Therefore, the bathroom should be kept ventilated and dry, which will greatly extend the life of the door. In addition, it can be replaced with aluminum wood composite doors or glass sliding doors, etc., these doors have better moisture resistance.

How to restore the solid wood door after it is damp? 1

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