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Tips for maintaining security doors

Security door is an indispensable entry door for every family. Security door is related to the property and life safety of the whole family, so not only when the purchase should be careful, in the use of daily life, but also must be maintained, so as to improve the service life and safety performance of anti-theft door. However, there are a lot of friends on the maintenance of knowledge is not very understanding, which affects the maintenance of the work, the next with me to see the maintenance skills of the security door!  

Tips for maintaining security doors 1

1, push and pull gently  

Although door of security against theft is steel qualitative door, steel hardness achieves national standard, but when opening close door still should push as far as possible pull gently. A long time of violent impact will make the security door parts loose, reduce the service life oh.  

2, door maintenance  

In daily use, often use a dry soft cloth to wipe the anti-theft door facade, keep the facade clean, can prevent erosion of corrosive substances, and increase the brightness of the anti-theft door. It is suggested that close people do not tear the protective film on the door fan before finishing decoration, because metal tools cause scratches easily to the door fan, or cause irreparable damage.  

3. Hardware maintenance  

After installation and use for a certain period of time, metal friction may be emitted. This does not mean that the product has a quality problem, or there is a component damage, most likely due to the lack of lubrication of the hinge, lock tongue. Regular in the door hinge, lock oblique tongue and other mechanical rotating parts to add a little lubrication grease, keep the door and lock flexible opening and closing, but also can make the parts used for a longer time.  

Tips for maintaining security doors 2

4, lock maintenance  

Because of the frequent use of anti-theft door lock, it has become the most prone to problems on the door. Use for a long time, if there is a key insert or pull the key difficult, must not oil lubrication, to use a pencil on the key to grind a few times or with pencil core foam blowing into the lock hole so that the ball can be lubricated. Shake hands handle is in normal when use, hard to avoid can accumulate bilge. Usable dry cloth is cleared at this moment, do not scrub with the chemical such as essence of washing clean, otherwise, can destroy handle electric coating, cause fade!  

Tips for maintaining security doors 3

5, Peephole maintenance  

The peephole is a channel we use to look outside the door. There are two concave and convex lenses in the peephole channel. These two lenses are also easy to get dirty. So we should also regularly use a soft cloth to wipe, avoid oil or corrosive substances contaminated, avoid damp, high temperature or direct sunlight.  

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