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How to choose security door is very important!

With understanding of security doors for people more and more, some of the defective goods security doors have not into people's eyes, people all-round consideration when choosing the security door is good, especially the security locks core level, only choose security levels, we can more secure, six details tell you how to choose the security doors  

How to choose security door is very important! 1

1, the appearance of the security door is the most intuitive feeling, floating on the surface rather than with the surface. The design of a door opener, the stand or fall of simple sense is the first performance on the appearance, the appearance of exquisite details, comfortable touch door products generally not bad; Secondly, the appearance design is the person be fond of, savour embodiment, choose oneself to love the thing always is better than dislike, after all, security door is the first door that enter a household, as time passes relative, choose oneself like very important.  Of course, we can simply know the thickness of the steel plate of the door body and the texture of the internal filling material by pressing. At the same time, Zonle door products use high-end materials, and every place they touch is a feeling of love. But also environmental protection, do not worry about harm to the human body.  

How to choose security door is very important! 2

2, security door locks is directly related to product safety performance and user experience, regardless of the conventional key lock or intelligent fingerprint locks, trick lock, the induction locks, use experience first, choose the most suits, use the most convenient, there are many beautiful heart lock to choose from, its product lock the Israeli lash bead track lock, with 6860-9 double live double lock body quickly,  Better anti-theft performance, for your home escort.  


3, security door hinge, also called hinge, is used to connect two solid and allow the relative rotation of the mechanical device between the two.  At the top of the door is the hinge that connects the door and its frame.  Hinge control door opening maximum Angle, commonly used 95-110 degrees, special 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 135 degrees, 165 degrees, 180 degrees and so on, the general security door door is very heavy, one hundred and ten kilograms is common, which requires that the hinge has a strong bearing capacity, Angle is easy to handle large items in the home.  

4, security door sealing strip is not obvious, but it is very important, high quality sealing strip is not easy to fall off, wear, play the role of shock absorption, waterproof, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, dust, fixed, sealing strip rubber, paper, metal, plastic and other materials.  Buy the door to understand the observation of the sealing strip fit, understand the material, etc.  

How to choose security door is very important! 3

5, anti-theft door handle is a part of the door body design, in addition to beautiful, but also need to consider the use of the door, choose to push open the door convenient handle is very important, it is best to choose their own feel experience the most comfortable, can use less trouble in the future.  

6, anti-theft door has bright and dark label, bright label is generally the brand label on the facade and all kinds of product quality signs, some product after-sales service guarantee sign is also posted on the inside of the door body; Dark label is the steel seal security door grade standard and brand permanent standard.  

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