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How to install minimalist style?

Want extremely simple style home outfit, what should note when decorating? Today, we will share the key points that need to be paid attention to. If you need a small partner, please click "Like" and collect it quickly.  

The color is mainly black, white and grey  

Color collocation is the one part that decorate, want to look simple, color cannot too much, with black and white ash at most 3 kinds of color collocation is beautiful, try bouncing color, sufficient can reveal the individual character of habitant. Large plain color, geometric structure, decoration is very little, but the style is large scale for light and natural placement. The collocation of black, white and grey is simple and clean.  

How to install minimalist style?   1

Function of balcony, sitting room differentiates need not apparent  

The balcony suggests the installation of French Windows or glass sliding doors, the zoning between two need not be too obvious, so not only to meet the needs of good lighting in the sitting room, but also to make the space more open.  

The living room can be decorated with the most basic shapes and colors.  Want more flexible on the processing of spatial layout, everything is given priority to with concise and practical. Conciseness is not nothing, it is not empty, very simple repair looks very square, also not complex, will not give a person messy feeling, but give a person fresh and suddenly enlightened feeling.  

Lamps and lanterns are simple and simple  

The sitting room can do simple and agile condole top, need not do foundation line, choose simple metal or geometric lamps and lanterns, lamplight is designed with white illuminant as far as possible, dim yellow or colorful lamplight can be mixed integral atmosphere does not build.  And lamps and lanterns can not be too much, natural bright on the line.  

How to install minimalist style?   2

Furniture selection, placing very simple  

Simplify the furniture inside the residence, adornment, article to least, residential space should leave white, furniture should be simple simple sense, store content space cannot overmuch, furniture looks like very little, actually the most beautiful, furniture can choose light color to reoccupy brunet dot outfit all the more, look so distinct, simple have style again.  

Life minimalists believe that "life's struggles are always caused by the way we live.  Minimalism is a way of life that follows subtraction and removes the excess.  When the sense of tranquility and comfort is integrated into the space, coupled with a sense of space design, everything becomes simple, as if you are in a flawless time, bring a whole night of comfortable sleep.  

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