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Chongqing wooden door custom salon symposium

On May 2, 2022 to 30 points, 15 PM in Jiulongpo district of Chongqing new phoenix avenue Chongqing rich ask custom home room, held a symposium, Chongqing custom wooden door salon 15 voluntary industry representatives to participate in the discussion, for this year's wooden door industry situation was analyzed, and the response to the viewpoint of different severity.  

Chongqing wooden door custom salon symposium 1

Liang Tianshun, secretary general of Chongqing Wooden door Industry Association, presided over the meeting, in wood, Kepai, Fan Meilanka, nine media and other member units attended the meeting. Conference representatives generally believe that compared with the same period last year, sales, products have declined, in brand stores and mature industry exhibition, wooden door brands are few, wooden door transformation and customization face product positioning, design, software, technology, management, installation, after-sales, training and a series of problems.  We expect that in half a month, the real situation of the market will get feedback, industry enterprises will timely adjust sales and production strategies, to solve the market changes, reduce losses, survive in the cracks.  

Chongqing wooden door custom salon symposium 2

Representatives at the conference said: It was generally believed that every year would be better, but the reality of the market is worse year after year. The price of raw materials rises, the market shrinks, and the living space of production enterprises becomes smaller. Therefore, WE hope that the association can organize frequent exchanges to understand the real situation and be practical and realistic.  

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