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What is Ecological Door?

What is Ecological Door?  

Ecological door is a kind of recyclable materials made, can not only reduce the harm of products to human body, but also reduce human damage to the environment, a healthy and green product.  

Ecological door is built on the basis of nature, using natural conditions and artificial means to create a inhabitable, comfortable and healthy product.  "Ecological door" is a concept derived from "ecological home".  The key of ecological home is environmental protection and health, which is higher than the standard of "green home". It not only has the requirements of hardware, but also the needs of humanity, and pays attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature

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The advantages of ecological door 

1. Ecological door is made of solid wood door or compound door after the production of raw materials left by recycling, processing and plate manufacturing door, such a door not only does not contain any toxic substances, is a kind of environmental protection and health door, more important is that it makes full use of raw materials, to achieve the effect of energy saving.  

2. The surface of the ecological door does not use paint, which can avoid the harm of toxic gas to the human body. It meets the international green environmental protection standards. The wood grain technology of ecological door is complete according to real wood door, the effect is very real, the surface wood grain is clear and administrative levels feel, tonal beautiful, fall off not easily and bask in change color.  

3. Ecological door door panel surface has many unique style design, coloured drawing or pattern, embossing, sanding, even personalized image surface and so on, the product's surface is smooth and bright color changing, modelling is exquisite, feel is smooth, fine and strong and durable products, have contemporary feeling, meet the demand of market personality provides consumers with great freedom of choice space.  

4. Compared with the traditional solid wood door, high hardness, good luster, no deformation, anti-aging.  

5. Mothproof, moistureproof, antifouling, heat resistance, crack resistance, firm without deformation, sound insulation and heat insulation effect is good.  

6. Non-toxic, tasteless, no formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmental health.  

7. Perfect combination of door frame and door fan, easy installation, time saving, labor saving, material saving, money saving.  

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8. In terms of structural materials, the door cover and door of the ecological door are made of high-tech aluminum magnesium titanium alloy materials. The surface is anodized and has a certain hardness, so as to make certain improvements in wear resistance, pressure resistance, anti-deformation and anti-fading, which has a longer service life than the general wooden door.  

9. The introduction of advanced technology and equipment, unique heat transfer technology, exquisite process. Through chemical oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, high temperature baking, after the transfer of natural wood grain shape, a molding, the construction cycle is short, hand over acceptance can be enjoyed, realize the dream of environmental home in advance.  

10. Stable supply cycle, easy operation of dealers. Construction is convenient, can cut, saw, can create, can nail.  


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