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Wooden doors tend to be out of shape in summer

Summer is hot and changeable. Honour music wooden door reminds everybody, wooden door is affected by heat to be out of shape, years long sink, close door difficulty these problems still exist now, hinder beautiful not only, still hidden trouble in the life.

So, when choosing wooden door, how can ability avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance?

Wooden doors tend to be out of shape in summer 1

First, the material resistance to deformation should be strong 

The raw wood door that makes with natural lumber raw material, because preserved lumber original simple sense receives consumer welcome.   But the performance of raw wood door depends on lumber itself, because lumber cost is high, the raw wood door with good performance is extremely expensive, the raw wood door with a few lower prices on the market has to fight deformation ability very hard actually.   The price of the door core of density board is relatively cheap, but if density is not enough, hardness and moisture-resistant performance will be poorer.

A lot of people have no concept of the door cover, feel not important, this is a great misunderstanding. Door cover directly contact with the wall, will absorb the moisture of the wall, more prone to deformation and cracking. We have encountered when the wooden door switch scratches the ground, most of it is also due to the poor grip force of the door lead to the sinking of the wooden door.


Two, the overall process structure needs to be stable

Technology in continuous inheritance and progress, the door core application of mechanical stress structure arrangement, high stability, even if heat is not easy to produce deformation.

Wooden doors tend to be out of shape in summer 2 

Three, choose a reliable professional brand

Having said so much professional knowledge, here comes the key!   The easiest way to choose a good product is to choose a good brand.   As a well-known domestic brand dedicated to wood industry for 12 years, Zonle door industry has been recognized by tens of millions of users.


Finally, honour music door course of study reminds everybody: wooden door belongs to durable consumer goods, it is the important component in our home, be buying so must careful and cautious, do not neglect, more do not covet at that time cheap.

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