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How to choose a high quality security door?

Now security door market has become a mixed trend, so in thousands of kinds of security door manufacturers how to choose a high-quality security door? The following is to introduce how to choose high-quality anti-theft door by Zonle technical personnel of the door industry manufacturers.  


One, look at the door body:  

1. The material (manufacture, hot-rolled plate, non-ferrous metals copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) on thickness and door frame level of anti-theft steel seal (a, b, c, d, d level security minimum), steel security relative intensity of manufacture is higher than the hot rolled plate, but the manufacture by degreasing, pickling, alkali neutralization, phosphating, such as anti-corrosion material handling. Hot rolled plate was completed in steel galvanized anti-corrosion derusting processing, manufacture anti-corrosion phosphating can produce a great pollution to the environment of industrial waste water, countries prohibit excessive emissions caused some manufacturer steel corrosion process simple and affect the quality, only some big brands have higher than anti-corrosion phosphating equipment cost hundreds of sewage treatment equipment.To ensure the product anti-corrosion treatment quality and social environmental protection.  

2. look at the door sheet metal, process and filling materials, door frame, door steel plate embosional design whether there is to enhance the strength and aesthetic effect of steel plate, anti-prying edge buckle groove and door body assembly welding fastness, related hardware, closed tightness, beauty of the model, the quality and quantity of the built-in skeleton, padding whether conform to the requirements of the property (fire, higher security, sound insulation, etc.) and whether or not environmental protection material (normal security doors filled with honeycomb cardboard, polyurethane foam, air honeycomb aluminum foil, etc.) and honeycomb paperboard is the various countries common use and environmental security door filling materials (just have different quality difference). And filling aluminum silicate fiber cotton, asbestos is recommended not to choose, because the use of the door lead to dust fiber pollution and inhalation to cancer (intercutaneous tumor and lung cancer).  

3. Check whether the door body has lock protection, anti-drilling steel plate material and thickness (open the lock handle and lock can be seen).  

4. Look at the surface coating process of the door body, whether the effect of painting, transfer printing or hand pull grain, cover and other processes is beautiful (most brands on the market at present reflect a higher level of technology in the surface process treatment).  


Two, look at the lock:  

1. See the anti-skid property of the lock, see the quality of the lock head (diameter and solid material) and the quantity of the lock head and deputy lock (side lock).  

2. Check whether the opening of the lock is easy, convenient and simple to operate.  

3. Look at the function characteristics of the lock (at present, the universally recognized Wang Lite can lock is especially convenient for the elderly and children to use, and it can automatically lock in all aspects with a gentle turn to reduce the unsafe consequences caused by lock leakage and forgetting).  

4. To see the stability of the lock, we can open the lock process to see the internal quality and process (mechanically, the fewer the connectors, the lower the failure rate).  

5. Look at the lock brake door system structure, try not to choose the anti-theft door that can be stopped by the external handle (the lock is very easy to be opened due to the exposure of the lock guard).  

6. The quantity and quality of fixing bolts for the guard lock (handle) and the strength of the material used for the handle should be tested with extra force when purchasing.  

How to choose a high quality security door? 1

Three, look at the lock core:  

The anti-theft lock core level (grade A, grade B, C grade standard has not been carried out, but at present many market brand security doors still use basic level low grade A lock, only A few brands use B class, practice in the use of super class B lock is less, but the vast majority of ordinary structure technology lock easy to fold lock security failure,  At present, Wang Li lock core has cylindrical outer steel sheath and individual lock brands add anti-folding lock bar to have higher lock core safety (purchase must understand the lock core anti-theft level and safety effect, if necessary, you can ask businesses to remove the lock and lock core to see and understand)  

The above is the summary of how to buy high quality security door for you to make the door industry, Zonle is your best choice.  

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