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What do you need to pay attention to when installing fireproof doors?

With the continuous emergence of fire events, in some large public places will be installed fire doors, the emergence of fire doors for people's life and property safety is a guarantee, but when installing fire doors, we must pay attention to some matters, we will look today, need to pay attention to what aspects.  

First, there are many kinds of fire doors. Different fire doors are installed in different ways. We should choose the correct installation method according to the types of fire doors. Second, when the fire door is fixed with the building, expansion bolts can also be used to weld reserved iron parts, but not less than three fixed points, so that the fire door can be installed strong; Third, the accessories on the fire door must be complete, from the section;  Fourth, the gap between the fire door and the ground must be less than five millimeters, which is very important; Fifth, fire doors have sliding doors and flat doors, no matter what kind of door is easy to open, close tightly.  

In short, the fire door is the protector of our lives and property, when installing must not be taken lightly, to master the correct installation method.  

What do you need to pay attention to when installing fireproof doors? 1

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