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What is grade A security door used commonly qualitative material?

Zonle grade A security door is a very good security door brand, can bring us all good use effect, then if you want to buy Zonle grade A security door, what good material type can become a good choice for you?  

Security steel door can be said to be seen more on the market, the common people use more. The security door that common people place is familiar with belongs to this series mostly. This kind of door is cheaper and reasonable, and its sales account for more than 90% of the total market sales. The disadvantage of this kind of door depends on the exterior line is hard, it is difficult to fuse with modern interior decoration photograph. Steel and wood door is a kind of door that can be used in interior decoration, generally can be required by the user, the anti-theft performance is achieved by the steel plate in the middle, the manufacturer can choose different colors, wood, lines and patterns according to the requirements of the user and interior decoration as an organic whole, no longer as cold as steel door is not coordinated. So its price is also more expensive than steel security doors.  

What is grade A security door used commonly qualitative material?   1

Stainless steel security door is strong and durable, higher security. At present the door of market stainless steel guard against theft is too drab on colour, it is silvery white basically, this kind of colour lets a person feel very stiff, and not easy with door and surroundings harmonious and unified, and if the surface has collision and welding mark, will be very apparent. Due to the price factors of stainless steel itself, its price positioning is also higher.  

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